Nature is Perfection.

To just lie on the ground in the open field.
To stand upright in the middle of the forest.
To sit on a beach, facing the sea.
And to look, with your eyes wide open, your mind and body fully anchored in the moment.

Simple and effective ways to find answers and solutions to challenges. Solutions and answers often arise from simple things.

Observing nature in its complex simplicity, we can notice such a variety of things:

  • the interdependence of the elements of the natural system,
  • the effects of one phenomenon (such as the wind) on an entire ensemble,
  • the contribution of each tree or blade of grass to the balance of the entire system,
  • the importance of the space between (whatever exists between two neighboring trees – air, soil, distance itself – has a huge impact on each one’s growth)

If you make a short exercise and replace nature in the description above with one of the systems that you are part of – family, team, organization – what do you notice? And, based on your new observations, what is it that you can do, in order to help your system move towards an optimal functioning for everyone involved?

Nature works perfectly on its own.

Shouldn’t that be reason enough to consider Nature one of the greatest mentors ever?

What is it that stops us to learn from Nature, free of charge, how to function flawlessly in our teams, jobs, families?

Could it be that we, humans, do not choose simplicity?

Or maybe we don’t know how to extract simplicity from complexity? Or maybe we have lost the ability to really see what is before our very eyes, while we have developed the ability to make assumptions?

We, at Pleiade, believe that the answers to questions and challenges lie in the ability to extract the simple from the complex. And nature is our excellent guide and mentor in this direction.

„What is it that you can uniquely do, that the world of tomorrow needs?” (P. Hawkins)


In short, our mission is to teach you how to extract simplicity out of complexity, in order to improve the functioning of the systems you belong to, at home and at work. Learning for the future, not just for today’s goals.

Once you get this learning, Nature will truly become the only mentor you’ll need, whenever you’d be looking for answers.

Awareness of now and Action in Partnership for tomorrow are the key words that best define our mission.

Coaching is the path we’ve chosen to fulfill our mission.

We support individuals and teams get rid of all the burden that refrains their will and their potential; we do this by being PRESENT here and now, in a peer to peer relationship.
We accompany individuals and teams in accessing their deepest knowledge, which lies beyond rational information; we call this the act of awakening through INSIGHTS, it is becoming AWARE of one’s simple reality, beyond the matrix of assumptions that limit your potential, performance, success.
We create for individuals and teams a space for learning about themselves and about their relationship with the inner and the outer world; and we call this the act of LISTENING (we listen to you so that you learn to listen to yourself) and of EXPLORING: what is really important for you, that gives meaning and purpose to your life?
We partner with our clients in aligning their new reality with their acts and being and we support them in the process of translating insights into new actions and ways of joyfully DANCING their lives, personally and professionally.
We create today, together with you, our partners, a better world for tomorrow’s generations, allowing space for the EMERGENCE of collective solutions, aiming a higher purpose than ourselves.


Mioara Șoldan

I stepped into adult life in 1999, as a linguistics graduate and I worked as a professional translator for 10 years. A professional path that shaped me at a personal level.
The „flaw” of translating stuff is dear to me even a decade after I handed over my last translation as a certified translator.

And if today, after 8 years of living in the world of coaching, I were asked to translate the word „Coaching”, I would translate it, in short, „to see the unseen”. Or, more broadly, „raising the level of awareness, at individual and collective level.”
I coach in multiple roles: coach, but also coaching client, mentor, trainer and supervisor for coaches.
I coach and live „coaching-style” because I strongly believe that raising the level of awareness is the path of evolution of man, humankind and humanity.

Acting as…

  • Master Certified Coach (MCC) by International Coach Federation (ICF)
  • Coach Trainer | Certified Mentor Coach | Certified Coach Supervisor
  • Coaching Consultant for World Bank
  • Team Coach partnering with for-profit companies and nonprofit organizations
  • Founder Pleiade Coaching School

Relevant Education

  • Master Degree in Clinical and Diagnosis Psychology, Bucharest
  • Mentor Coach Certification, with Leda Turai MCC
  • Leadership & Executive Coaching Certificate, Center for Executive Coaching
  • Systemic Team Coaching Certificate, with Prof. Peter Hawkins
  • Systemic Coaching & Empowering Leadership, with Alain Cardon MCC
  • Individual & Team Diagnosis for Leaders and Coaches, with Alain Cardon MCC
  • Delegated Processes for Team and Organizational Coaching Professionals, Entrepreneurs and Managers, with Alain Cardon MCC
  • Faculty of Letters, Foreign Languages and Literatures (Bachelor of Arts Degree in English & French)